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QT General Information:

The radiesthesic antennas are generally used to detect Hartmann and Curry nets, subterranean waters, fault lines. They can also be utilized for the measurement
of energy elds and to detect non evident informations.

Why iron?
Iron is a primary metal and its qualities t the essential design of the antenna. This very common mineral element is positioned at the tenth place in terms of quantity
in the universe and it often falls from heaven in form of meteorites. Its magnetic
properties are well known. Iron is consistent in the human body: about 3-4 g. and in the planetary core, constituted by the 34.6% of the mass. Iron is one of the rst metals used in human history. It represents the 95% of the production of metals in the world.

The package includes double iron manufactured antenna for radiesthesic research cm 30x12 each and 40 tables of intuitive symbols and diagrams f.to 15x15 cm.

We are available for details and demonstrations.

Manual of using QT

"50 slides well designed for intuition purpose. The QT manual is a quantum way to explain the Space vacuum"!

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QT Package

We have three different QT metal choices, select the one you feel more attractive to:

IRON: 100 single unit package - 2 sticks

BRASS: 250 single unit package - 2 sticks

GOLD: 500 single unit package - 2 sticks

QT slides:

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